The Ke'anae Congregational Church is located on the Ke'anae Peninsula of East Maui. After being built the church was also given the name Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehova Ona Kaua Church. The Ke'anae Peninsula is a large lava rock peninsula just after mile marker 16 of Hawaii Route HI-360 which is also known as the Road To Hana. Construction on The Ke'anae Church began in the late 1850s and was was completed in the early 1860s. The Church is constructed of lava rock and coral. It's in a beautiful and magical location where the mountains meet the Pacific Ocean. It is surrounded by coconut palms, the dramatic Pacific Ocean, lush jungle, and close to taro fields. It has the feel of Old Hawaii. Whenever we are on the Eastside of Maui we always stop visit the church, we sit in the pews, and reflect on how grateful we are. We then walk out to the point to soak in the view to enjoy the contrasting colors between the dark lava rock, beautiful blue ocean, and the vibrant shades of green. Here the slopes of the Eastside of Haleakala reach the Pacific Ocean. If you are fortunate enough to visit Maui stop here, slow down, soak up the beauty, and imagine what Old Hawaii was like. Don't forget to stop by Aunty Sandy's for some fresh baked banana bread. It's our favorite banana bread on Maui!

Keanae Congregational Church Keanae Peninsula Maui Hawaii  

Keanae Church located on East Maui on the island of Maui Hawaii. 

Keanae Church Maui Hawaii Keanae Church Maui.

Keanae Church on the Road to Hana. Located on the Keanae Peninsula of East Maui. Keanae Congregational Church. Hawaiian name is Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church. This beautiful church made of lava rock and coral is located on Maui Hawaii.      

Lanakila Ihiihi O Iehowa Ona Kava Church also known as the Keanae Congregational Church. This church is located on the Keanae Peninsula on the Road to Hana.

Road to Hana. The Keanae Peninsula, Keanae Church, and Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread. Keanae Peninsula on the Road to Hana.

Beautiful Keanae Peninsula on the island of Maui Hawaii. Keanae Peninsula. Road To Hana. Maui Hawaii.

Keanae ball field. Keanae Peninsula East Maui Hawaii. Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread. Road to Hana. Best banana bread on Maui.

Directions to Ke'anae Congregational Church:

The Ke'anae Congregational Church is located on the Ke'anae Peninsula which is off of Hawaii State Route 360. Hawaii State Route 360 is also known as the Hana Highway and the Road To Hana. For most people the starting point for the Road To Hana is the little town of Paia on the North Shore of Maui. The official start of the Road To Hana is actually approximately 10 miles from Paia along Hawaii State Highway 36. Hawaii State Highway 36 then turns into Hawaii State Route 360 and is the official start to the Road To Hana. This change takes place just before Twin Falls. From here the mile markers for the Road To Hana begin. The Ke'anae Peninsula will be just over 16 miles from the start of the Road To Hana. The Ke'anae exit will be on the left side just after mile marker 16. The Ke'anae turnoff will be approximately 26 miles from Paia. Turn here and follow Ke'anae Rd past Aunty Sandy's Banana Bread and several homes which will lead you to several parking areas across from the Ke'anae Church and the Ke'anane Ball Field. Please drive slow through the neighborhood as there are people who live there and often locals and tourist walking on the side of the road. Please make sure not to park on private property or to accidentally block any part of the road. 


All photos are provided Maui Realtor Jesse Coffey with Keller Williams Realty Maui. These photos were taken by either Jesse Coffey and Kristina Coffey.